About Étude Abdel Hamid & Co

40 years serving our clients in Mauritania and abroad

Étude Abdel Hamid & Co is a business law firm based in Nouakchott, Mauritania, founded by Mohamed Lemine ABDEL HAMID, a member of the Nouakchott Bar since 1984.

Étude Abdel Hamid & Co mainly acts in the field of business law on a defence, litigation and often consultancy basis. We have a sound knowledge of the institutional and regulatory framework in Mauritania, having practised it either during contentious proceedings or thanks to opinions and briefs prepared for our clients, but above all having been in charge of the related legal aspects. We have also acquired some knowledge of the legal and judicial framework in Mali, Senegal and Guinea, having appeared before their courts and followed proceedings there.


Vision & values

Excellence, transparency, commitment, high standards and rigour: these are the ambitions that characterise the vision and values of our firm.

Our team

The firm has a number of legal professionals, some of whom are lawyers, and other external consultants who are recognised specialists in their fields.


The firm often works in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and is a permanent partner of several international law firms.

A recognised law firm in Mauritania

Étude Abdel Hamid & Co is a leading law firm in Mauritania, founded by Mohamed Lemine Abdel Hamid. The firm has built its reputation in the field of business litigation, serving companies, public and private institutions, and major multinationals.

Me Abdel Hamid

Admitted to the Nouakchott Bar in 1984, registered arbitrator with the Mauritanian International Centre for Mediation and Arbitration (CIMAM).

Mohamed Lemine ABDEL HAMID, Founding Partner

The founding partner


Mohamed Lemine Abdel Hamid holds a master’s degree in private law from the Tunis Faculty of Law and Economics and a postgraduate diploma (DEA) in private law from the Strasbourg Faculty of Law. He has been a member of the Nouakchott Bar since 1984.

Mohamed Lemine ABDEL HAMID has been practising law and nothing but law for nearly 40 years with the law firm Étude ABDEL HAMID & Co, of which he is the founder.

Mohamed Lemine ABDEL HAMID’s practice focuses mainly on business law (contract law, insurance law, banking law, company law, telecommunications law, tax law) as well as mining law, air and maritime transport law and land law. In this capacity, he has appeared before foreign courts, in particular in Senegal, Mali, Benin, Guinea and France, and most often before Mauritanian courts.


Mohamed Lemine Abdel Hamid has several training certificates, including a practical training certificate in human rights education law from the Geneva Faculty of Human Rights (2002-2003) and a human rights training certificate obtained from the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) in Paris (2003 to 2004). Mohamed Lemine Abdel Hamid is also certified in intellectual property law and has been an accredited arbitrator with the Mauritanian International Centre for Mediation and Arbitration since 2019.

Publications and other activities

Articles and presentations on contract law, maritime law, company mergers and acquisitions under Mauritanian law, etc.

Conducts legal seminars and contributes to the drafting of texts on business law, collective proceedings, the commercial register, arbitration, energy, etc.